Heal, Rebalance and Nurture with a Closing The Bones Massage for Women

Closing the bones, also known as Mother Wrapping is a postnatal hip and belly massage from Ecuador which involves using a rebozo (a special scarf) to rock and bind the mother’s hips, together with a massage of the abdomen and hips with very specific movements and special warming oils.

It is designed to help return a new mother to her centre, both physically and energetically.

It’s a great way of being nurtured and it supports a woman’s recovery after childbirth or any other major life changing events or traumas, so beneficial for women at any stage of life. It’s a way to create a moment of stillness and of meditative peace and reflection in the rollercoaster of emotions of motherhood.

The women will be left feeling relaxed, grounded, stronger and refreshed. It’s very healing, loving and soothing ceremony.


  • Deeply relaxing and nurturing
  • Helps to realign the hips
  • Offering relief from pelvic and back tensions
  • Supports healing-physically and emotionally
  • Aids the uterus and bladder to return to their natural position
  • Promotes pelvic stability
  • Cleanses the body and stimulates the immune system

Each Closing the Bones ceremony is beautifully and uniquely tailored to each woman, depending on her needs. There will be gentle sifting and rocking of the hips to calm and rebalance and a beautiful hip and belly massage,a lovely relaxation and body wrapping.

In many cultures, this beautiful healing process takes place hours after the birth of the baby and is repeated as often as the mother likes. It’s highly recommended that every woman experiences the benefit of this amazing tradition at least once in her life!